Take a sabbatical to travel the world!

It’s not every day you get the chance to travel around the world with your best friend. From the day Mike and I met, we’ve shared a passion for travel, culture and experience, seeking out local friends and interests as we both live in, and travel to different places.

Having a full year, unobstructed by limited vacation time to fully experience an array of life experiences has been a long standing bucket list item for us. We’re ecstatic to now have the opportunity to take a full year sabbatical to fulfill our already overflowing list of getting to know our friends around the globe, learning as we go about the customs and lifestyles that make up the fabric of different cultures.  And to share a gist of each experience with you as we go.

To start, we thought if you’ve ever thought to perhaps do the same someday, it may be helpful to share the steps we took to plan and prepare. We hope this is helpful!


Make sure you have a budget and break it out loosely to know the average monthly spend you need to stick to. Also, it’s good to do some homework on the best credit and debit cards to ensure you get the best conversion rates and ATM fees. Here are a few resources we thought were helpful:

Also, once you have your cards set up, put a travel alert on them so your cards don’t become frozen while you’re hopping around.


Tie up all recurring bills, subscriptions and if you’d like, work with your cell phone carrier to unlock your phone for international use.


If you’re moving out of your permanent residence, set up a forwarding address.


What do I even pack? This is the biggest question on everyone’s minds. A few good friends have blazed the trail before us and were gracious to share their experiences. Hope you find them useful as well!

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