Volunteer at a Cambodian Orphanage

We felt our time at CPOC deserved it’s own post as it was an extraordinary way to touch lives and make a huge impact.

CPOC is an orphanage that was founded by a local Cambodian man named Mr. Kim, who through a string of small coincidental events, was inspired to start this center. He himself is disabled, which stops him at nothing. He exudes a sense of strength and energy for his vision of the great place CPOC will grow to be, and empowers volunteers to come from all over the globe to help bring it to fruition.

The children themselves are incredibly independent and spend their time, when not in school, cooking, cleaning, working on fixing everything from motor bike engines to chicken coups, and studying to improve their English, math and computer skills.

Various projects are available for you to jump in to help support, but for the “leader at heart”, it’s a perfect place to evaluate on your own to come up with projects to solve what could be further improved. There are 12-15 volunteers on average who are on site and keen to help, so after settling in and getting a better understanding of what’s going on, you can take it upon yourself to lead projects and work with others to make CPOC an even greater place for these children to live.

During our stay, we were able to fix the bikes they rode to school, expand the chicken coup they had built themselves, assist with the gardening, help with the cooking, develop a new system for them to wash their dishes that would save much time and ensure sanitary cleaning, paint their swing set and help with their fundraising outreach projects. We also offered organizational recommendations for a more structured volunteer experience. Beyond all of this, connecting with the kids, and knowing that the work you’re doing is making a difference in so many of the their lives, has no words to describe; and the friendships you’ll make with the fellow volunteers will last a lifetime.

For more information on CPOC and how you can help support, please see their link here.

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